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No Dogs Unlisted
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No Dogs - Paul

Flintlock Theatre (2020)

This short was part of a commission from Flintlock Theater to be used as part of an upcoming production. The play will be based on testimony from 1st and 2nd generation Afro Carribean and Irish migrants who have settled in the UK. This short focuses on Paul William's experience of moving from Jamaica as a child in the late 1960s. 

Working as part of a small team, this film was produced in 3 weeks, which was a huge challenge. Using cut out animation, we imitated a child's scrapbook, researching and producing storyboards within a few days and then animating alongside post production. The design mimics Paul's selective memory, focusing on specific visuals in an unspecific environment. Being sensitive and accurate in our visualisations was very important for such a sensitive subject, so research was essential. 

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