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'Exit' is my 2nd Year University film, it is about daily cycles and a sense of entrapment within society. It follows a figure as he makes his way through a series of almost identical rooms, looking for a way out, whilst being watched by a giant eye. 

The film was made in Photoshop and After Effects and was based on an idea I had long had. I have always been attracted to the graphic, isometric style, and wanted to incorporate it into a film about repetition in life, a common theme in my films. This film was a welcome break from experimental work, and a great opportunity to create a more narrative work. 

The film was selected for LIAF 2019 and TAAFI 2019 festivals.

Exit design

Inspired by graphics from video games like Portal and circuit CAD, 'Exit' is isometric.


Not only does this act as a symbol for the all seeing eye and repetitive atmosphere, it also works as a modular design layout.


Each room is identical at it's base, two walls and a floor. This was then customised with assets created in Photoshop. Anything from desks to cars to weather effects could be added or removed with ease. 

Assets were produced with planes that were skewed into an isometric shapes. These were then assembled and animated in After effects. 

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