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Exit design

Inspired by graphics from video games like Portal and circuit CAD, 'Exit' is isometric.


Not only does this act as a symbol for the all seeing eye and repetitive atmosphere, it also works as a modular design layout.


Each room is identical at it's base, two walls and a floor. This was then customised with assets created in Photoshop. Anything from desks to cars to weather effects could be added or removed with ease. 

Assets were produced with planes that were skewed into an isometric shapes. These were then assembled and animated in After effects. 

Computer desk no screen.png
Car wheels.png
Boarded window.png
Car main body.png
Slumped man.png
smashed bulb.png
Train for export.png
Right door.png
Left door.png

Here are some of the assets, including unused ones like the boarded up window. Some rooms were scrapped during development or adjusted to something else as the plot was shifted. The modular setup made plot adjustments almost zero risk

Early into pitch development, a mockup was made of how the room would look. 

Room variation ideas.jpg

The room was cleaned up, assets were refined and the plot was finalised, but the basic design was struck from this prototype.

As seen here, initial furniture was transparent. This was imply that there was nowhere to hide, that the eye saw all. It also mimiced isometric design plans for circuit boards, which was a big ispiration initially. This was changed later, as it became too confusing to look at when more complex, layered assets like the computers were created. 

Cracks and marks on the walls and floor were there in initial designs, as the room was meant to crack and break in the first draft. This was scrapped to allow for a visually cleaner resolution, using the door as an escape.

It is Not Reel design

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