It Is Not Reel  

Short - Work in Progress - 2020

A film about memory and human autopilot, 'It is Not Reel' is my graduation film that is currently in production. It focuses on a feeling that I believe is quite common, a disconnection with reality and the present that comes when you are easily lost inside your own head and thoughts. It also deals with memory, and how this experience can lead to forgotten conversations or experiences.

The film is made on acetate, where tiny frames of video are printed onto contact sheets using an inkjet printer. As the ink does not set, it melts and contorts, breaking up the images into abstracted globules of colour. It has been a really carthatic film to work on, and I aim to finish it during the summer


Short - 2019

'Exit' is my 2nd Year University film, it is about daily cycles and a sense of entrapment within society. It follows a figure as he makes his way through a series of almost identical rooms, looking for a way out, whilst being watched by a giant eye. 

The film was made in Photoshop and After Effects and was based on an idea I had long had. I have always been attracted to the graphic, isometric style, and wanted to incorporate it into a film about repetition in life, a common theme in my films. This film was a welcome break from experimental work, and a great opportunity to create a more narrative work. 

The film was selected for LIAF 2019 and TAAFI 2019 festivals

No Dogs - Paul 

Short - To be released 2021

This short was part of a commission from Flintlock Theater to be used as part of an upcoming production. The play will be based on testimony from 1st and 2nd generation Afro Carribean and Irish migrants who have settled in the UK. This short focuses on Paul William's experience of moving from Jamaica as a child in the late 1960s. 

Working as part of a small team, this film was produced in 3 weeks, which was a huge challenge. Using cut out animation, we imitated a child's scrapbook, researching and producing storyboards within a few days and then animating alongside post production. The design mimics Paul's selective memory, focusing on specific visuals in an unspecific environment. Being sensitive and accurate in our visualisations was very important for such a sensitive subject, so research was essential. 


Short - 2018

Matthew is a short experimental film that seeks to capture the personality or spirit of a friend of mine. Made entirely on blank 16mm film, images and footage of him was rotoscoped on through scratching, painting, tearing and dying the film strip. I wanted to potray Matthew's chaotic and intense traits through rapid movement and aggressive, lo-fi visuals. 

The process was a great experience, if rather tedious. Produced in 2 weeks, each frame of matthew dancing was meticulously rotoscoped from a miniature contact sheet using a watchmaker's magnifying glass to see. It was then shot, frame by frame, using a Steenbeck.


Production was rather meditative and a good lesson in patience and discipline with a film that is chaotic and acidic.

The Finger  

Short - 2018

The final film of the 1st Year of University, 'The Finger' is about my childhood memory of getting my finger stuck in a pub table. The film follows the brief but intense trauma I experienced when I believed my finger would be cut off, and how that looked to me when I was very young.

This film was my first attempt at a digital 2D animated short, and experimenting with graphics and design. I learnt a lot about storyboarding, animation, post production and sound design, whilst also becoming far mor aware of narrative structure and pacing. 

Street Lights

Short - 2018

Street Lights is an experimental short made at university that combines long exposure photography with straight ahead animation. Using sound design from Weronika Rosinska, I captured cars and street lights at night time with long exposures, creating waves of light that wash over the screen. This free approach was then combined with long exposure animation, where the movement of the camera created line art such as waves and expanding circles. A horse was rotoscoped with light using Muybridge's famous photographs to create an abstracted, moving form. Shiny wrapping paper was also used alongside bright coloured lights to produce tones and shapes.


To me this presented technology as if it was a part of nature, presenting their primal energy.  



A short produced in my 2nd year of University, 'Headroom' is a surrealist portrait of a congested mind. It was made in 1 week in a collaboration with David Cryer, Weronika Rosinska and Anastasija Zubareva. With limited time and resources we used a mixture of green screen, 3D animation effects and compositing to create something simple and atmospheric. I created the soundscape and shot the live action footage with Anastasija. The sound design was inspired by 2001: A space Odyssey, where something visually simplistic was given gravity through sound.